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De Natuurfabriek organizes nature walks for enjoyment and (some) education. Our guides speak excellent English and know a lot about birds, plants, insects and other wildlife.

Our walks take about two hours.

MARLOT/REIGERSBERGEN: A combination of extraordinary architecture and nature.  Bezuidenhoutseweg/Hofzichtlaan, opposite petrol station.   Wed 29-7, 10 a.m.

PARK SORGHVLIET:  An ancient, serene secret garden situated between the Peace Palace and the World Forum. Scheveningseweg 24, The Hague. Wed 15-7, 10 a.m. 

MEIJENDEL:  A huge area of oakwood, poplar, hawthorn, sandy dunes and lakes full of waterlife. P at end of Meijendelseweg, Wassenaar. Fri 17-7, 10 a.m.

DE HORSTEN: 400 hectares of Royal Estate! Woodlands, pastures and canals  where royalty lives and where kingfishers thrive.  Entrance Papeweg, Wassenaar. 1 euro entrance fee.  Wed 22-7 and Fri 31-7,  10 a.m.











JULY 2015

Walks may be cancelled because of weather or other circumstances. Please always check by sending us an email so we can inform you in time.

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 We charge 10 euros pp, plus 2 for Park Sorghvliet






















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